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Peangpanya Co., Ltd. offers quality services on translation and preparation of clinical research dossiers for submission to Regulatory Authorities and/or the Institutional Review Board (IRB) / Independent Ethics Committee (IEC) in Thailand. Our translation services cover not just clinical research but also various other kinds of healthcare documents.

Our founder and top executive has had solid experiences in Thailand-based clinical research. With more than 10 years of experiences in multinational pharmaceutical companies, she has decided to set up Peangpanya to deliver specialized services in this market. With rigorous quality control process, Peangpanya offers both quality and satisfaction to its customers.

So if you are looking for professional help in translating and preparing clinical trial document packages for submission to Regulatory Authorities and/or IRB/IEC in Thailand, Peangpanya is your ultimate solution.

Contact us today for a trusted partner in preparing clinical research dossiers for submission to Regulatory Authorities and/or IRB/IEC and healthcare documents translations.

our services

For Clinical Research

  • Translating clinical research documents from English to Thai (or vice versa) e.g. clinical study protocols, patient information sheets and informed consent forms / assent forms, patient diaries, case record forms, investigator brochures, study drug instructions, study drug labels, IXRS manuals.
  • Preparing clinical research dossiers for submission to Regulatory Authorities and/or IRB/IEC in Thailand.
  • Providing consultation for the process of submitting clinical studies to Regulatory Authorities and/or IRB/IEC in Thailand.
  • Monitoring and Project Management could be arranged if client needs.

For all other healthcare documents

  • Translating all kinds of healthcare documents e.g. package inserts for drugs or medical devices, Certificate of Analysis, and Medical Papers.

Why should

you seek Peanpanya's services?

  • Clinical research and healthcare documents contain specialized information. Translating them require specialized knowledge in the field. Peangpanya, therefore, offer translations by health professionals such as doctors and pharmacists.
  • Peangpanya has put in place rigorous quality control process. At Peangpanya, health professionals and professional translators work closely together in reviewing and editing translations for the purpose of ensuring technical and linguistic accuracy. You thus can have complete trust in our translation services.
  • Your documents contain important information, which may not yet be disclosed to the public. Peangpanya uses its well-protected mail system in handling your e-files, thus offering greater security than what free-email platforms can offer.
  • If you use our package services, your team will save a lot of time from the need to translate and prepare documents for submission to Regulatory Authorities and/or IRB/IEC. Peangpanya can professionally translate your documents and prepare document dossiers. Given that your team will be able to focus on other key parts of the work, our services are absolutely well worth.
  • In addition to translation and dossier preparation services, Peangpanya provides consultation about clinical research submission to Regulatory Authorities and/or IRB/IEC in Thailand.

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